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3 Best Practices for Mass Messaging Your Clients

Posted by Shona Fenner on 11/30/16 3:43 PM

We're all subconsciously trained to tune-out solicitations and spam. Think of the last time you checked your email inbox -- $50 off this, 30% off that. We get it and we're still not interested.  

Your clients are the same. Impersonal, automated messages are bad. Clients simply don't like getting them, plus they'll tune out these messages. Worst case scenario? They open these emails, hit the junk button, and never see an email or awesome offer from that company again. Ouch.  

You don't want to be one of those companies. No one does.  

But what should you do when you need to break through the noise and send a message blast to your clients? With dental month just around the corner, you surely would benefit from promoting dental appointments or discounts through a mass message. How can you get your messages past the noise and through our subconscious spam filter? Let's find out.


1. Make it Personal

Sit down and write a message to a client that you personally know, love, and makes you smile. Writing the message with them in mind will give it a more personal, direct tone. Use words like "I", "me", "you", and "our" to give the message a personal touch. Your clients will feel like you're sending to them personally (and they will appreciate it).


2. Think Before You Send

Try to use yourself as an example client (you probably are a client somewhere, anyway). What would you want to receive? What would make you care enough to request an appointment? We're all bombarded with marketing and promotional messages yet we only care about some of them.

Make your message something you personally would care about. For example, monetary discounts make more sense than percentages since you know the exact amount of savings.


3. Keep it Short and Sweet

Our attention spans are short enough. We all know that people don't spend as much time reading these days. Combine short attention spans, a constant bombardment of emails, and mobile devices pinging us all day, we've started to skim more and read less.

With this in mind, keep messages limited to 1000 characters.  This ensures good formatting in the app and makes the message direct and to-the-point. This is done to catch the client's attention without losing their interest.


Well, there you have it. It's tough to break through the noise of modern society and our mental spam filters. The key takeaway here is to write short, personal messages to your clients that directly appeal to their interests. Maintain a personal tone, tailor your messages to their interests, and keep it short and sweet.

If you want to see how PetDesk's mass messaging tools can benefit your veterinary practice, be sure to request a demo!


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