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Client Reach: A Tale of Two Clinics

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 3/20/17 11:26 AM

If you know anything about PetDesk, then you're familiar with our mantra of client reach being the most important thing (well, second behind providing medical care) a veterinary practice can do. If you don't reach clients, they don't know when to come in. It's that simple. And with so many tools, options, and services out there, you might be wondering if what you're currently doing works.

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Client-Centric or Business-Centric App: Which is Right for Your Clinic?

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 3/9/17 2:19 PM

Source: Pixabay

In 2016, 27% of small businesses planned on investing in a mobile app. That's a sizable portion of what's commonly referred to as the "Backbone of America."

For veterinary practitioners who are part of this sample, you've got your work cut out for you. Researching new technology is difficult. In fact, with the amount of options available, you're bound to leave your research phase a bit perplexed as for which direction to go. Thankfully, we're here to help. And, while the end decision ultimately falls on you and the needs of your practice, we think a breakdown of the two can help you in your journey.

Without further adieu, let's take a look at our breakdown.


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3 Ways an Appointment Reminder App Boosts Compliance

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 2/2/17 10:40 AM

Source: Pixabay

Apps are everywhere! Whether you're ordering food or scheduling an appointment, the proliferation of mobile apps for business is difficult to miss. Heading to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Download the app, order ahead, and skip the line. Ready for a weekend getaway? Hop on TripAdvisor or Kayak and check out the latest deals.

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Pet Portal or Native Mobile App? Which is Right for Your Veterinary Clinic?

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 1/30/17 10:00 AM

I've been asked many questions during my time as a consultant here at PetDesk. One stands out the most: What's the difference between a pet portal and a native mobile app and which is right for my clinic? 

Excellent question. By extension, I assume many of you may also be wondering which of the two is right for your clinic.

In this article, I will explain the differences between a pet portal and a native mobile app. In addition, there seems to be some (understandable) confusion regarding the differences between mobile apps and native mobile apps. Fair enough -- we'll clear that up, too.

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7 PetDesk Templates to Quickly Promote Your Veterinary Practice

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 1/26/17 10:55 AM

One of the most common requests we get here at PetDesk are for promotional message templates. You know, brilliant ad copy to promote things like National Heartworm Awareness Month. Of all of the requests, this is one of the better ones. Why? Pet holidays are big business in the vet space. You need to do your part to promote your practice.

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5 Reasons for Your Veterinary Clinic to Message Clients

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 1/25/17 2:43 PM

What good is a mobile app and reminder system company if they don't promote client communications of some sort? Communication itself is among the most important things done at your veterinary practice. I'd rank it just below providing quality medical care for patients.

There are several forms of communication at your practice:

  • Communication between your doctor and staff 
  • Communicating with vendors 
  • Overall client communication 
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What Online Reviews Mean to Any Veterinary Practice

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 1/19/17 10:03 AM

For any industry, reviews are what draw new clients to your business. Potential customers judge the worthiness of any business by reviews on Google and Yelp. That's simply the way it is today. Customers have the power to vote and vote they do.

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How to Promote Dental Month at Your Veterinary Practice

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 1/17/17 9:30 AM

For those of us in the veterinary industry, the end of the slow season is right around the corner. Dental month, the month-long bonanza where clinics offer steeply discounted pet dental services, kicks off in February. And while you may be debating about whether or not to promote pet dentals year round, now's the time to shine and show your inner-promotional chops to the world.

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The Top 5 Reasons for No-Shows at Your Veterinary Practice

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 1/11/17 8:00 AM

No-shows are the bane of any appointment-based service industry. In the veterinary industry, AAHA reports a 9% industry-wide no-show rate. For roughly every 10 to 11 appointments you have per day, one won't show. In the 250 working days ahead in 2017, your practice would experience 225 no-shows.

That's a lot of money left on the table.

The problem with no-shows? Valuable appointment slots being used for naught when paying customers are patiently waiting for an opening.

Let's take a look at your typical scenario: Client calls in. Client requests appointment. You schedule the client at a time that works for both of you. When the time comes to see the patient, they don't show. These are costly losses that affect every veterinary practice across the country.

With this being such a prevalent problem, it makes you wonder why clients no-show. Are there ways you can prevent no-shows? Yes, but it's important to note why they happen in the first place. Also, take comfort in knowing there are a few practices you can follow to best avoid no-shows.

Are you ready to find out why clients get cold feet and learn what you can do to prevent no-shows? Let's find out.

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The 3 Best Ways for Your Veterinary Practice to Reach Clients

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 1/9/17 4:14 PM

While the postcard has been around for ages, it's quickly becoming a thing of the past. This is big news when you consider the historical significance of the postcard. For centuries, mail was the de facto method of communication, regardless of class, social standing, or geographical location. Only since the advent of new technology has mail become less important and overall less effective.

For those of us in the veterinary industry, this presents an interesting dilemma. Year after year, we face rising postage costs. This normally wouldn't be an issue -- if people still read postcards. The read rate of postcards, or the percentage of people who both open and interact with a given piece of mail, sits at 25%. For every 4 you send to your clients, only one of them is being read. Given the rising cost of postage, you're not getting a great return here.

Now, imagine how many clients are actually taking an action by calling to schedule. Is the entirety of that 25% that read your mail scheduling appointments? No. Therein lies the problem.

Inside of every problem, however, lies an opportunity.

Today, we have more communication tools than ever at our disposal. Mobile technology has exploded in popularity and changed the landscape of communication methods. Everyone has an email address and we walk around with small computers in our pockets. Both of these present ample opportunity to reach clients in new ways. 

It's also the way your clients want to be reached.

Let's find out which channels are out there and what they can do for your veterinary practice.

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