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Sarah Laoyan is the Content Marketing Specialist at PetDesk. She has a 20 pound Nebelung named Charles who she loves very much.

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Outside of Fetch: A Short Guide to Kansas City

Posted by Sarah Laoyan on 7/30/18 5:19 PM

Fetch Kansas City is one of our favorite events to attend! Not only do we get to spend a few days learning from industry professionals, but we get to experience the sights, the sounds, and the delicious food (especially the BBQ!). 

As most know, CVC is now Fetch, a dvm 360 conference. Aimed to help veterinarians and those within the vet space with an innovative way to gain their continuing educational credits, the goal is ultimately to help veterinary professionals with the tools and strategies they need to provide the best care for animals. Whether that's finding new software that can help your staff efficiently or learning about specialty procedures, Fetch will have that for you. And let's not forget all the free swag you can get - PetDesk will have a free gift waiting for you at booth #1511 if you sign up here.

While all of this is great, sometimes it's good to take a step outside and explore a bit, which is why we've compiled this guide for you. 

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Topics: Conferences

Best Practices for Scheduling Appointments at Your Veterinary Clinic

Posted by Sarah Laoyan on 7/17/18 3:15 PM

Veterinary clinics have the unique challenge of having to perform several different types of appointments a day, from dental cleanings to surgery and back again to euthanasia.

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Topics: Tips, App, Veterinary clinic, Veterinary Practice Management

6 Tips to Keep Pets Safe This 4th of July

Posted by Sarah Laoyan on 6/26/18 12:27 PM

Fourth of July for us means barbecues, swimming, fireworks, and family fun. This is is one of our favorite summer holidays to share with the family, but for your fur babies, this holiday can be terrifying for them.

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Topics: Pet Health

4 Reasons Why Veterinarians Need to Use SMS Reminders

Posted by Sarah Laoyan on 6/19/18 10:30 AM

Imagine your client Mary is hanging out on the couch watching television with her fur baby, Cleo the cat, when all of the sudden her phone vibrates. What does she do?

If your first thought is “check her phone”, you would absolutely be correct. According to media company Time, the average American checks their phone approximately 46 times per day. This is an important statistic to consider if you’re thinking about what channels to use in regards to your reminder systems. If you’re currently using postcards as your main reminder system, how often do pet parents check their mail?

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Topics: Mobile Strategy, Veterinary Practice Growth, Messaging

Pet Parenting in 2018: 7 Statistics Veterinarians Should Know

Posted by Sarah Laoyan on 6/12/18 1:00 PM

It’s not unusual to see a dog owner walking down the street while swiping through their fun. It seems like you can’t go a day without scrolling through your social media feed without seeing pictures or videos of somebody’s pet. How we’re communicating is constantly changing and it’s difficult to keep up with it.

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Topics: Veterinary Practice Growth, Client Engagement

5 Things to Do When Your Clinic is Short Staffed

Posted by Sarah Laoyan on 6/7/18 1:30 PM

Sometimes the inevitable happens and one of your team members calls out sick. DON’T PANIC! While there are a lot of things that will be a little more challenging throughout the day, there a few things you can do to help your day at the clinic go by a little smoother - despite your lack of staff for the day.

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Topics: Veterinary Practice Growth, Veterinary Practice Management

5 Fixes to Make Your Veterinary Clinic Client-Centric

Posted by Sarah Laoyan on 6/5/18 1:40 PM

For most veterinarians, the main reason they chose to enter the veterinary medicine field is because of their love for animals. It’s no easy feat to go through almost ten years of education to then take on the challenge to open up your own practice. That in of itself is a major accomplishment! But the reality is that starting a pet business brings up a unique set of challenges that may fall to the wayside as the business ramps up.

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Topics: Veterinary Practice Growth, Veterinary Practice Management, Loyalty

Pet Employee of the Month: Charles "The Mountain" Mingus

Posted by Sarah Laoyan on 5/31/18 9:45 AM

Hello humans. I am Charles “The Mountain” Mingus, PetDesk’s new VP of Breakfast Acquisition. It is my job to ensure that any and all breakfast is fed directly to me and only me and nobody else.

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