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10 Purr-fect Cat Gifts

Posted by Shona Fenner on 9/25/16 3:00 PM

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Totally paw-some gifts to give your cat, to that feline fancier you know, or that terribly cute and spoiled kitten that's destroying all your human belongings. 

1. Da Bird Feather Cat Toy

Let's start with the simple stuff... we've yet to meet a cat that doesn't have fun with Da Bird! 

GoCat Da Bird Pull Apart Rod and Bird Cat Feather Toy


2. ULTIMATE Cat Scratcher Lounge 

PetPartner Account Managers swear by this thing. With just shy of 5,000 Amazon reviews and 5 stars... this thing ain't no joke!  

Infinity loop cat scratcher


3. Futuristic Backpack Cat Carrier  

We always want to take our cats places... we're assuming they'd like to come, of course. This carrier allows you to have Fluffy accompany you on adventures (presumably to space given this design). 

U-pet Innovative Patent Pending Pet Carriers


4. Cat Temporary Tattoos  

Unsure what accessories you need for fancy events?? Try a "cattoo"! 

Assorted cat fake tats


5. Cat Dreams DVD 

A 90 minute loop of nature that'll make your cat flip out with joy. Getting both hummingbirds and chipmunks together in the same shot makes for a-meow-zing kitty television.  

GoCat "Cat Dreams" DVD for Cats


6. 2017 "Cat Wars" Wall Calendar

Cats and Star Wars and that's all that matters. Mew or mew not, there is not try. Relatedly, you can help your cat fight the temptation of The Dark Side by dressing him him in this Yoda hood

Cats understand the Dark Side.


7. Window Pod Cat Bed 

Everybody knows cats are obsessed with windows. Windows are TV for cats. Now you can help your feline friend be (even more) lazy as they stare outside!  

K&H Manufacturing EZ Mount Window Pod


8. The Crazy Cat Lady Board Game

Here's some rules you can understand: the player with the most cats WINS THE GAME (just like in real life, right?)

You can never have too many cats? Or can you?


9. Cute Cat Candle Revealing the Beast Within 

Light the wick and watch this cute little kitty become a fearsome burning skeleton kitty. Since everybody's cat has that split personality... it just makes sense! 

PyroPet Candles Kisa Candle

Reveals a grinning metallic Skeleton with fire blazing in her eyes


10. Crafting with Cat Hair

Transform stray balls of fluff (plus other materials) into creative crafts! Use your furball's furballs to make something... really anything you make from this fluff is impressive... 

Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat


Don't forget the ONE THING ALL CAT OWNERS NEED: lint rollers.


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