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PetDesk Office Dog of the Month: PANCHO

Posted by Shawn Elizabeth Bridgeman on 9/8/17 6:00 AM

Hi, I'm Pancho the business dog! Last week was my first day on the job at PetDesk. My office is in a totally different part of San Diego than where I live, so there are a hundred new things to smell on my walks around the office. 

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PetDesk @ CVC Kansas City

Posted by Shona Fenner on 8/16/17 9:08 AM

Find PetDesk at Booth 1611 at CVC Kansas City, August 25th-28th. 

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Reaching Clients: Checking the Gas Tank for Leaks

Posted by John Martin on 8/4/17 12:04 PM

My brother is a miles-per-gallon nerd, it’s one of his (endearing?) quirks. In a tiny book, he marks the number on his odometer religiously at each fill-up station he’s been to. He does some quick math on the number of gallons he’s filling up, and then writes down the money spent per mile driven. Long story short, he does math.

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Customer Success vs. Customer Support: What’s the Difference Anyway?

Posted by Kayla Thompson on 7/31/17 5:06 PM

Customer Success can often be roped into, or confused with, Technical Support/Customer Service. I mean, they both have “customer” in the name, right?

Honestly, both departments and functions are important in providing the optimal customer experience. The biggest difference of the two can be summarized in two words: proactive vs. reactive.

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Update: New PetDesk Logo

Posted by Shona Fenner on 7/9/17 2:01 PM

As you know, we've been making quite a few improvements lately.

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Loyalty: It's What Brings Your Clients Back in Time and Time Again

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 3/31/17 10:31 AM


Repeat business and customer loyalty are important foundations of any successful business. Without repeat business, the sheer cost of acquiring new clients quickly overwhelms any opportunity to generate profits. Put another way -- it's significantly cheaper to retain what you've got than it is to acquire something new.

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Reminder Systems are Revenue Generators, Not Cost Centers.

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 3/29/17 10:04 AM

Every business is composed of various cost centers and revenue generators. While the proper term for revenue generators is called profit centers in finance or accounting, we'll stick with something simpler and more accessible for the sake of this post.

Your veterinary technicians, kennels, or other "service departments" within your organization? They're important pillars of your practice and contribute to your profits. They are revenue generators. However, there's something much smaller, cheaper, and likely unexpected at your practice that's equally as important to your revenue.

What is it? Postcards. Well, postcards and a few other things. Let's find out why.

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Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Net Promoter Score

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 3/27/17 12:52 PM


If you're a PetDesk user, you might have noticed something new in your dashboard. While it's small enough to go unnoticed, it's a rather significant upgrade to your arsenal of business-evaluation tools.

Your Net Promoter Score (NPS), neatly tucked away in the Metrics tab of your dashboard, is our latest addition to your tool set. What is it? In short, it's a reflection of your rating by clients. According to Bain & Company, businesses with long-term profitable growth have an NPS twice that of your average company. The higher your NPS, the better off you are.

Raising this number can drive the growth your practice. Due to this, it's a good idea to keep an eye on it, especially if you're interested in growing your practice. Let's find out how it works, why it's important, and what you can do to create favorable reviews that move your Net Promoter Score upwards.

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Client Reach: A Tale of Two Clinics

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 3/20/17 11:26 AM

If you know anything about PetDesk, then you're familiar with our mantra of client reach being the most important thing (well, second behind providing medical care) a veterinary practice can do. If you don't reach clients, they don't know when to come in. It's that simple. And with so many tools, options, and services out there, you might be wondering if what you're currently doing works.

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Client-Centric or Business-Centric App: Which is Right for Your Clinic?

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 3/9/17 2:19 PM

Source: Pixabay

In 2016, 27% of small businesses planned on investing in a mobile app. That's a sizable portion of what's commonly referred to as the "Backbone of America."

For veterinary practitioners who are part of this sample, you've got your work cut out for you. Researching new technology is difficult. In fact, with the amount of options available, you're bound to leave your research phase a bit perplexed as for which direction to go. Thankfully, we're here to help. And, while the end decision ultimately falls on you and the needs of your practice, we think a breakdown of the two can help you in your journey.

Without further adieu, let's take a look at our breakdown.


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