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Pet Employees of the Month: Teddy and Bo

Posted by Kevin Woods on 4/30/18 9:45 AM

Hi everybody! We’re Teddy and Bo… and we are the two best friends anyone can have!  We’re both doodles and we come as a pair. Originally from Connecticut and Tijuana respectively, we are so glad our dads brought us together to live this great dog life in San Diego.


Our dad is fairly new to PetDesk, so we’ve been working from home practicing our office etiquette so one day we can tag along and join in on all the fun.  Our final exam is quickly approaching and we’ve been quizzing each other on the fundamentals of Office Dogs 101. So far we’ve mastered sit, stay, and serve face.


Our other dad is currently deployed with the US Navy, but will be home in just a couple of weeks!! It’s been almost five months and we have really missed all the cuddles and treats he sneaks us. We are sooo excited to finally have him home… he’s definitely the FUN dad!


We are HUGE dog park fans and have become very talented ball fetchers. Bo plays offense and Teddy plays defense – often intercepting any ball Bo quickly catches and returning it for all the credit.


We are also lovers of the beach, but not too fond of the baths that follow. We are definitely grateful anytime our dads plan a beach day - another reason we can’t wait for the fun dad to be home!


But most of all we love to cuddle, daydream, and steal hearts. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at teddy_and_bo!


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