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PetDesk: The Unexpected Life Preserver

Posted by Sara Richardson on 11/10/17 11:03 AM

In late August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey pommeled Houston, Texas and left only destruction for the coastal city. Businesses and homes were flooded beyond any prediction, including two veterinary practices utilizing the PetDesk system. Stuebner Airlines Veterinary Hospital (& SA Champions Veterinary Hospital) staff didn’t realize the role that PetDesk would play in the life of their businesses.

Some History:

Stuebner Airlines Veterinary Hospital

The SA Veterinary Hospital duo has a long history of helping and healing our furry friends. The business has roots reaching back to the 1930s, and they’re currently a high-volume, high-traffic small animal care facility. They signed up with PetDesk in November 2016 after using a different reminder system. The switch to PetDesk was a leap of faith into the burgeoning realm of app-based technology, but they worked closely with PetDesk to ensure a smooth transition for staff and clients alike.

Fast-forward to August 2017:

Stuebner Airlines Veterinary Hospital after Hurricane Flooding

When the hurricane hit, SA Veterinary Hospital’s staff showed their true colors. Everyone rallied together to do what they do best: save animal lives. Using any means necessary, including boats, the clinic was able to rescue and relocate 50 dogs and 40 cats. Another important rescue had already taken place - the rescue of their server. A staff member removed the server computer and took it to a safe, dry place prior to the clinic being flooded. In doing so, he was able to preserve their data and records that would have been completely lost in the flood.

PetDesk soon became the unexpected life preserver for these clinics. Using the tools available to the clinic, the staff was able to work remotely and continue to provide medical care. Through PetDesk, the business was able to notify their clients of available doctor times and locations, send messages to give updates on services, and fill much needed prescriptions for the pets in need. Clients who were displaced had the ability to send updated medical records to out-of-town boarders or other local veterinarians through the PetDesk app. With the remote access the clinics had with PetDesk, clients were able to ensure their pets didn’t miss out on important veterinary care needs.

Boat Rescue from Hurricane Harvey

We spoke with practice manager, Liz Roesner, about her experiences thus far. She let us know that “PetDesk has filled a lot of needs” for the practices, especially during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The clinics aren’t ceasing to administer medical care to pets in need. For these doctors and staff - it’s all about the pets! 

Through nothing less than a passion and desire to continue their work, the clinic is already rebuilding. The damage was immense and the practices are working to raise funds in a variety of ways. If you would like to donate, or know someone who would, please check out their Facebook page for information or use the links below.

 Direct Link:

  • Click: Donate
  • Select : donate to vet or practice
  • Select : Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital (Spring)
  • Fill in all your information
  • On #4 please enter “For flood relief”  and they can use it to help rebuild the practice.

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