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PetDesk Office Dog of the Month: PANCHO

Posted by Shawn Elizabeth Bridgeman on 9/8/17 6:00 AM

Hi, I'm Pancho the business dog! Last week was my first day on the job at PetDesk. My office is in a totally different part of San Diego than where I live, so there are a hundred new things to smell on my walks around the office. 

Poncho works at PetDesk

On my first day I delivered mail around the office, and got to meet all the important people who receive mail. One of my co-workers is a black cat. I don't know why he didn't want to play. Someday I'm going to get that guy to play with me. Maybe cats just don't know how to have fun.

That's alright, I did my job, kept my head up. My mom says my number one job is still looking handsome. I'm pretty good at that--so good that my boss let me take a mid-day nap!
The best thing about PetDesk (besides getting to spend all day with my mom) is that they give lots of high fives. I learned that trick years ago, but I still tried it a bunch of times so that I could get it perfect. It didn't hurt that each time I give a high five, I also get a treat!
Going to the office is actually really hard work. I do get to smell new things, get attention from all my co-workers, and spend the whole day with my mom--which is all pretty neat. But I have to say, my favorite part of the day will always be coming home and getting dinner.

Poncho does some business... not his business... office business.


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