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The Most Memorable Moments from WVC 2018

Posted by Carolina Jaramillo on 3/12/18 9:03 AM

We've been saying it for years—the veterinary community is great. Veterinarians, practice managers, and vet techs? They are the most caring and passionate people, really. And lucky for us, we got to spend some time with them at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas!

We hadn't seen such a huge veterinary crowd since VMX 2018, so let's show you what we were all up to at WVC 2018:


Enjoying quality time with animals

... including lemurs, cats and pet athletes!


Finding the most ingenious swag 

... and making it theirs!


Watching the Soccer World Cup for Puppies

... better known as the Pup Cup! 


Mingling with pet-loving celebrities

... such as comedian Kevin Nealon, folk superstar Jewel, country musician Darius Rucker and zookeeper Jack Hanna!


Welcoming every opportunity for learning

... regardless that they had to be standing, seating down or leaning against a wall!


Want to see more pictures from WVC 2018? Check out this Facebook album, Instagram post or tweet to relive good memories or to get excited to attend next year.



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