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What Pesky No Shows Actually Cost Your Veterinary Practice

Posted by Drew Davies on 11/18/15 7:30 AM

How much do missed appointments cost your veterinary practice each year? [cue Jeopardy music]

If you’re like most practice managers and owners we speak with; you probably don’t know because you’re not tracking it. But no-shows are costing you a lot more than you think.

Based on data we pulled from over 250 veterinary clinics, the average no-show rate in 2014 was 11%. That’s higher than you thought, isn't it? But what exactly does an 11% no-show rate mean to your practice? 

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Embracing Bad Online Reviews

Posted by Shona Fenner on 8/13/15 1:11 PM

Online reviews are vital to your online reputation. Most businesses put their entire focus on getting their customers to post reviews, but do not have any idea how to deal with those reviews afterward. Everything is going well until one dissatisfied client leaves bad feedback online. Suddenly you're jolted out of your 5 star revelry and you think, “ what?” 

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The World Has Changed, Again

We help you navigate the new mobile world

More than 65% of time spent on digital devices is now spent on mobile phones. Just 1 year ago it was less than 40%. And almost 90% of that time is spent using apps. Change is moving faster than ever.

We can handle the change for you to:

  • Build client loyalty with an app
  • Improve client communications
  • Find new clients profitably

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