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How Pet Owners Search for Veterinary Clinics

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 12/6/16 9:53 AM

Think you know how clients search for your business? Think again.

The way we use the internet has changed. Gone are the days of tailoring Google searches by SEO keywords and phrases. Today, people search in ways more similar to speech. People are more likely to search for best beef kebab nearby and Google will show them the best places to find Mediterranean food in the area. Pretty smart, huh? As a result, however, the way we approach and interact with local businesses has changed.

The result is a more accurate, user-friendly search result that benefits you -- local businesses. In this new world of hyper-intelligent search engines, how are pet owners searching for veterinary clinics? More importantly, how can you best position your practice?

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6 Ideas for Social Media Posts

Posted by Shona Fenner on 10/20/15 6:30 AM

First things first, don’t pay anybody for social media services or spend all your time worrying about a blog or that silly Facebook page.

We agree that is important to have a presence online but want to stress that maintaining your social media should be quick, painless, and what you do in your spare time. In order not to waste your workday staring at your timeline or retweeting the same old content people have already seen you can use some of our suggestions.

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Making the Most of Yelp

Posted by Shona Fenner on 8/19/15 8:30 AM

For small businesses Yelp is a necessity. You may not be the biggest fan, but this channel should not be ignored since your potential clients are not ignoring it. Missing a Yelp page means missing many potential clients who are looking for a provider they know to be trustworthy. Consumers are using Yelp to find everything, then making decisions based off what others say about that business. Using Yelp helps you be aware of, and become part of, that conversation. Plus it is FREE!

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The Importance of Google Places

Posted by Shona Fenner on 7/21/15 8:00 AM

Marketers and consultants are all around to tell you, “…An optimized Google Place is very important.” But they are not always so clear why this matters. Simply put, being in control of your Google Place connects you directly to current and prospective clients on Google search (web and mobile), Google Maps, and Google+. 80% of clients are searching for you before calling so making sure they see you in that search, and not a competitor, is vital.

Google Places for Business is effective because you can showcase complete and accurate information about your business at the moment local people are searching for your services. We know you want to take action and get this working, so here is the good stuff…

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What is the best local marketing channel for vets and groomers?

Posted by Taylor Cavanah on 4/21/15 9:57 AM


There is one question we like to ask whenever evaluating a channel - is our customer at point of purchase?

A customer is at point of purchase if they are about to buy. This usually means they are either searching for a product or standing in a store. These are the best people to market to because they need your product/service right now.

Let's look at some of the channels local veterinarians or groomers can choose from to attract new customers.

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Welcome to our blog, Oh, and you shouldn't have one.

Posted by Taylor Cavanah on 12/19/14 4:48 PM

We are here to help you improve your business by giving you simple tips and advice that most of the time revolve around technology. If your a veterinarian, groomer, or boarder then this post is for you. Our first How-To guide is extremely simple.

It should be titled - How to Not Waste a lot of Time and Effort by Writing a Blog that only gets Updated Every 6 Months. But that was a little too long.

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The World Has Changed, Again

We help you navigate the new mobile world

More than 65% of time spent on digital devices is now spent on mobile phones. Just 1 year ago it was less than 40%. And almost 90% of that time is spent using apps. Change is moving faster than ever.

We can handle the change for you to:

  • Build client loyalty with an app
  • Improve client communications
  • Find new clients profitably

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