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7 PetDesk Templates to Quickly Promote Your Veterinary Practice

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 1/26/17 10:55 AM

One of the most common requests we get here at PetDesk are for promotional message templates. You know, brilliant ad copy to promote things like National Heartworm Awareness Month. Of all of the requests, this is one of the better ones. Why? Pet holidays are big business in the vet space. You need to do your part to promote your practice.

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5 Reasons for Your Veterinary Clinic to Message Clients

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 1/25/17 2:43 PM

What good is a mobile app and reminder system company if they don't promote client communications of some sort? Communication itself is among the most important things done at your veterinary practice. I'd rank it just below providing quality medical care for patients.

There are several forms of communication at your practice:

  • Communication between your doctor and staff 
  • Communicating with vendors 
  • Overall client communication 
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How to Promote Dental Month at Your Veterinary Practice

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 1/17/17 9:30 AM

For those of us in the veterinary industry, the end of the slow season is right around the corner. Dental month, the month-long bonanza where clinics offer steeply discounted pet dental services, kicks off in February. And while you may be debating about whether or not to promote pet dentals year round, now's the time to shine and show your inner-promotional chops to the world.

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Pet Holiday Calendar 2k17

Posted by Ash Towers on 12/7/16 2:02 PM


It's that time of the year again. Pets, like us people, love the holidays. There's always a cause to celebrate, especially in the veterinary industry. As always, there's great food, resolutions, and a bevy of other themes that illustrate the love between us and our four-legged companions. If you plan on promoting various services offered by your clinic throughout the year, you need a calendar to plot your course.

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3 Best Practices for Mass Messaging Your Clients

Posted by Shona Fenner on 11/30/16 3:43 PM

We're all subconsciously trained to tune-out solicitations and spam. Think of the last time you checked your email inbox -- $50 off this, 30% off that. We get it and we're still not interested.  

Your clients are the same. Impersonal, automated messages are bad. Clients simply don't like getting them, plus they'll tune out these messages. Worst case scenario? They open these emails, hit the junk button, and never see an email or awesome offer from that company again. Ouch.  

You don't want to be one of those companies. No one does.  

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