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4 Reasons Why Veterinarians Need to Use SMS Reminders

Posted by Sarah Laoyan on 6/19/18 10:30 AM

Imagine your client Mary is hanging out on the couch watching television with her fur baby, Cleo the cat, when all of the sudden her phone vibrates. What does she do?

If your first thought is “check her phone”, you would absolutely be correct. According to media company Time, the average American checks their phone approximately 46 times per day. This is an important statistic to consider if you’re thinking about what channels to use in regards to your reminder systems. If you’re currently using postcards as your main reminder system, how often do pet parents check their mail?

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How a Modern Personal Touch Can Bring Clients Back to Your Pet Care Business

Posted by Geoffrey Berz on 5/16/18 3:55 PM

After pet parents choose which veterinary clinic or grooming salon is best for their pet companions, the answer to one question is sure to decide if they keep coming back: “Does it feel good interacting with this pet care business?”

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Loyalty as a Revenue Generator: A Clinic's Story of App-Based Loyalty

Posted by Rose Ynohuye on 10/11/17 7:45 AM

How can you differentiate your practice, boost client loyalty, and increase revenue? 

Simple. Spend half an hour on the phone with PetDesk. Our Implementation Team will work with you to customize a synced, PetDesk app-based Loyalty Program for your vet practice. Here's a true story about one of our customers and their journey to success through Loyalty. 

Want to print out the infographic below and share it with the rest of the veterinary staff? Download the printer-friendly infographic PDF here.

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6 Ways to Tell if Your Business Needs a New Website

Posted by Shona Fenner on 9/22/15 9:51 AM

In order to succeed in business today you need a website. Period. There are a number of uses such as drawing in potential clients, giving information for current clients, and providing a resource for pet care information. You may think everything is golden since you currently have a page. But the big question remains… is your website is doing its job?

Take a look at your current website while reading through the following questions. This will help you determine if it is time to make a change and get a brand new page!

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8 Best Practices to Get Clients to Download Your Vet App

Posted by Shona Fenner on 7/13/15 11:51 AM

Learning how to use PetDesk and our app is easy… getting your clients using the app can be a little more difficult. We found customers often asked for hints on ways to get their clients using the app. Of course, every business and client-base is different, and you know your clients best. But utilize a couple of the ideas below to reach your beloved clients, and you can generate more app users and make pet care easier for everyone!

Your clients come back to you for a lot of reasons. But mostly because they know you, like your business, and trust your expertise. With every visit, your clients know their pet’s best interests are at heart. Clients will trust you when you recommend your app too! We've made a list of 8 best practices to help make clients aware of the app and encourage them to download...

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3 Ways Mobile Apps Changed Veterinary Client Behaviour

Posted by Taylor Cavanah on 5/11/15 1:35 PM

Mobile clients are a different breed.

Pardon the pun but 75% of your clients are using mobile phones for the majority of their time spent in digital. This has massively changed the way they behave. Take a step back and think about what happened in the last 10 years. Computers and the internet went from something on your desk or lap to something in your pocket and within reach 24/7. The shift has had profound effects in everything we do but what you need to pay attention to is how it is affecting your veterinary business.

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