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Reminder Systems are Revenue Generators, Not Cost Centers.

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 3/29/17 10:04 AM

Every business is composed of various cost centers and revenue generators. While the proper term for revenue generators is called profit centers in finance or accounting, we'll stick with something simpler and more accessible for the sake of this post.

Your veterinary technicians, kennels, or other "service departments" within your organization? They're important pillars of your practice and contribute to your profits. They are revenue generators. However, there's something much smaller, cheaper, and likely unexpected at your practice that's equally as important to your revenue.

What is it? Postcards. Well, postcards and a few other things. Let's find out why.

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3 Reasons Why Forward Booking Benefits Your Veterinary Practice

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 12/21/16 9:17 AM


How do you make sure your appointment book is full? Do you offer promotions when you anticipate slower-than-usual months? Do you send out additional reminders for annual checkups and vaccinations? Or, do you prefer to sit back and appreciate some downtime at work? 

While more downtime is nice, it's doesn't beat having a full appointment book. For veterinary clinic owners out there, a full schedule means your practice is operating at maximum capacity. Work the same hours, bring in more revenue. Sounds like a good deal.

How do you get there? Forward booking

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Client Acquisition vs Client Retention: Which Should Your Veterinary Practice Focus On?

Posted by Sean O'Connor on 12/14/16 11:46 AM

In my time here at PetDesk, I've heard countless practice managers and veterinary clinic owners ask which is the better option: Client acquisition or client retention?

Great question!

We're all attracted by the allure of fancy marketing packages -- radio spots, feature pieces in local publications, billboards towering over highways. They're all nice things to have.

On the other side of things, marketing with a focus on client retention is decidedly less glamorous. But which of these two should you focus on? Should you market to your existing clients or should you focus on marketing aimed at acquiring new clients?  

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